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 ::|| Tangleclan Sign-Ups ||::

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PostSubject: ::|| Tangleclan Sign-Ups ||::   Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:06 pm

The Territory
These warriors prowl through dense forested lands covered with mossy knarled trees and great vines. Their clan names comes from the forest in which they reside in. To the untrained eye this tangled forest will trip you up and make you loose all sense of direction. In the thickest parts the tree canopy is so dense that even the sun cannot peirce through. The cats who live here have grown accoustomed to the terrain and it has caused them to have longer sharper claws for lots of clmibing and strong hind legs from jumping over any obsticle that might cross their path. 

The Camp
In the mid Northwest of the clans territory lies the Tangle Hollow, the beating heart of the clans forested lands. Consisting of a moss covered rocky hollow, vines tangle themselves around each rock and into every crevas. The dens are all lined with moss and the entrances covered in vines, the only thing giving away the camp would be that pathways created by paws over many seasons. The warriors, apprentices, and elders dens are all made into the rocky outcrop of the hollow. While the nursery and medicine cats den are actual caves that are big enough for 5 full sized cats to fit within. Covered entances block the sharp winds, and unwanted predator that pass through making the entrances small enough for only cat-sized and smaller may enter. The leaders den is located high within the rocky outcrop of the hollow, underneath a large flat moss and leichen covered rock created a cave like den. With walls made of brambles and vines the clan leader and his mate call this den home. Highrock is the rock above the leaders den where the clan leader addresses his/her clan where all can see. 

Moss Hollow
Further North from the camp and slightly to the East is the Moss Hollow. A shallow dip in the ground completly covered in a thick bouncey soft moss. The tree canopy blocks most of the sunlight only allowing small rays to reach the forest floor. This is where mentors usually take their apprentices to do their training, and where the apprentices being punshed are sent to retrieve moss as new bedding material for the dens. 

Star Cave
Straight to the East from the Moss Hollow and touching the Northeastern most part of the clans territory is Star Cave. A sacred place where clan leaders and medicine cats visit to speak with their ancestors. From the outside it just looks like the rocky outcrop of the mountain base and further on the mountains. But hidden among the boulders and rock crumble is the entrance to a cavern so big not even all of Starclan could fill it up. As you pad through the narrow entrance it leads you to a magestic dark cavern covered in clear and milky white crystals. When the moon reaches its peak there is a hole in the roof of the cave where its light can shine down into the cave lighting up the entire room with a starry glow. 

Hare Meadow
Southeast of the camp is a river that runs from Star Cave across Tangleclans lands and into the Marshlands. To cross river you would have to swim but most cats resort to the Fallen Oak, a large oak tree that had fallen over the river during a terrible storm, which creates a bridge from one side to the other. On the other side of the Fallen Oak is a lightly forested area and a wide meadow, also known as Hare Meadow for its abundant source of rabbits. 

The Marshlands
South of the clans territory across the Shallow Crossings is whats known as the Marshlands. Its currently unclaimed territory though some clan cats prefer the marshy lands for hunting and have even discovered a pine forest beyond it. Not much is really known about this territory and most of the clan cats avoid it not skilled enough to know how to navigate through the watery mush let alone hunt in it. Will become Marshclans Territory later on.

Current Season
Mid Leaf-fall

Tangleclan, at the peak of its existance, thriving within the forest for many seasons now has grown in size. Everything is peaceful and has been for a while now. However nothing stays perfect for long. Due to the size of the clan its slowly starting to divide. A storm is brewing amongst its warriors and a new threat will arise. Moss-star has kept this rivalry at bay but she is growing older and one can only do so much before everything crumbles. Whispers have started and secrets are becoming common within the clan. With the clan leaders slowly failing health sides are being taken on who should succeed their beloved Moss-star. Will the clan split or can it be held together by a new successor? Only time will tell...
Please shoot me a PM if you are interested in a major role within the RP.
Expect the clan to split into two so make enough characters for two different clans... 

Roleplay Rules
- Be active and literate, as much as you can.
- Don't make mary-sues. Don't powerplay, godmod, spotlight, or do any of that other obnoxious stuff people do. Play fair.
- Be nice to people out of character. In character, you can be as rude as you want, but please don't cause needless drama just for the sake of causing drama. If it doesn't push forward a plot or add to character development, it's probably needless.
- Keep your characters realistic. This includes appearance and behavior. While a cat doesn't need to be 100% realistic in appearance but keep it believable (for example, in real life you won't see a gray cat with black spots, but here it's fine). In behavior, try to keep them consistent, and make their reactions to things believable and consistent with their personality and experiences.
- You must create an even gender of characters, so that things stay even and it makes it easier for everyone to find a mate. 
- If you know you wont be active for more than two days please be sure to inform me through PM or post it in OOC on the thread. 

The Clan

Moss-star(flower) :: 107 Moons :: She-cat
||Sturdy light brown tabby shecat with a creamy underbelly. Her fur is short and thick, but starting to thin due to old age. She has rounded facial features, and round ears. Her nose is pink with a couple of black speckles, and her once vibrant green eyes are starting to dull. Grey has formed around her muzzle and where she had scars grey fur grew over them. ||
:: Mate: Open ::
:: Apprentice: Open ::

Medicine Cat:

Medicine Cat Apprentice:
Willowpaw(frost) :: 11 Moons :: She-cat
||Beautiful lean pale grey shecat with long flowing fur. Along her spine and tail is a darker pale grey as well as on her paws, muzzle and ear tips. She has sharp long facial features and tufts of fur on her ear tips. Her eyes are a peirceing ice blue. || 

Timberfall :: 39 Moons :: Tom 
||Huge solid dark brown tom with broad muscular shoulders and thick short fur. His paw tips, tail tip, muzzle, and ear tips are black. His nose is black and so is the skin around his eyes, as well as his paw pads. He has deep dark green eyes and tall pointed ears. ||
:: Mate: Open ::
:: Apprentice: Open ::

Cavegrowl :: 37 Moons :: Tom
||Broad dark grey almost black thick tabby tom with long fur. His tabby stripes are black and his eyes are a dark amber. His nose and around his eyes and lips are black, as well as his paw pads. Is known for his deep rumbling of a meow. ||
:: Mate: Open ::
:: Apprentice: Open ::

Fallowleaf :: 22 Moons :: She-cat
||Beautiful mottled brown and red shecat with long soft fur. Her underbelly is a dark cream color as well as her paws on her back legs. She has pale green eyes. ||
:: Mate: Open ::
:: Aprentice : Open ::

Winterpaw :: 11 Moons :: Tom
||Tall lean pale grey almost white tom with long fur. Has a pale grey fur along his spine and tail that gets white as it flows down to his belly. He has pale grey tufts on his pointed ear tips and has sharp long facial features. Has pale green eyes. ||
:: Mentor: Open ::


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::|| Tangleclan Sign-Ups ||::
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